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martial arts reviews

My son started at Tiger almost 12 yrs ago, soon to be a 3rd Dan Black Belt. The life lessons, the self control & confidence he has learned through Master Lee’s program is invaluable to us as parents & to my son as a person. I can’t recommend Tiger enough. It takes dedication to get as far as my son has but he had people behind him at Tiger just as dedicated to his growth! Tiger is invested in your child’s growth & learning. The lessons my child has learned go far & beyond what I could have taught him.

April Lister Baker
martial arts review

Wonderful school. My son has been attending for about 4 months and loves it. Master Lee is never abusive, there are parents there all the time and there is an open door policy. I have heard Master Lee get serious with the kids when they weren’t behaving but it was simply to say he would take their belts away if they wouldn’t pay attention when the teachers were speaking. The kids quit misbehaving right away too. There was never any physical correction and Master Lee didn’t even raise his voice, he just spoke very seriously. Anyone who writes that there is abuse going on here is either lying or has been lied to. We are so pleased with Master Lee and all his teachers, particularly Master Rachel who has helped my son with his confidence and self esteem so much that our daughter will be starting there soon as well. Don’t listen to anything the other reviewer said that was negative…just come down and check it out for yourself. Thank you Master Lee and all the staff, our family truly loves you!

Christine Aqel

martial arts review

I am a student at tiger martial arts i have been here for 3 years.My experience is very good Master Lee is very nice and does make student do pushups and jumping jacks but he only does that to discipline kids.The classes are going to make you child sweat but they are not super hard.Once a week for the after school kids there is “fun class” this is when the students get to play games like dodgeball.For holidays we have halloween and holiday december we have parties when we play games and have alot of fun with our friends.I recommend tiger martial arts.

martial arts reviews

Incredible is the best word I can think of to describe Tiger. My son immensely enjoys every moment that he spends here; he’s enrolled in the summer camp and after school program. He has been excited to go every single day, and the instructors are amazing with all of the students. The office staff is friendly, personable, and Master Lee truly cares about every single student of his. We absolutely love them!

Stephanie V
martial arts reviews

I’ve attended this martial arts academy for almost eight years now, since I was four. I know that Master Lee doesn’t abuse his students and doesn’t harshly yell at them as I saw one older review say. This academy teaches it’s students to defend themselves and persevere. Another great quality about this academy is that children who are more expierienced and are higher belts (some middle schoolers and high schoolers) are allowed to help out with younger students in elementary school or lower. It took me three years to get my black belt. Even after you get a black belt you can still continue a black belt curriculum that will help you excel further into different martial arts styles. As a middle schooler I’ve been able to accomplish getting very good grades with the assistance of Tiger. In their after school program, students do their homework between their Taekwondo classes, and when they finish their classes and homework they read until their parents come to pick them up. It’s an excellent program and you’re allowed to join at any age over four. (Yes there are adult classes) This academy is great for the whole family.

Matthew A.
martial arts reviews

I am appalled by Priscilla L’s remarks. I have two sons that attend Tiger and I have sat through numerous classes with them and have NEVER witnessed the abuse she speaks of. Ms. Marion, Mr. Tyler, Mr. Alex, Ms. Rachel, and the rest of the staff truly care about the children. My 10 year old son has been attending for the last 4 years and is almost a black belt and my 5 year son started at 4 and is 4 steps from a black belt, so I do not think I would leave my children in a place and pay for all of their lessons if I did not feel they were safe. I have witnessed the discipline given at Tiger and the only “punishment” given has been push ups (inside) and sitting out of class. The only time the students are ever outside is during Spring Break and Summer Camp Field Trips. Tiger is one of the few After School / Sports that accepts students with Autism. As a teacher of students with Autism and Special Needs, this is a big undertaking and requires an enormous amount of patience and encouragement. Tae Kwon Do is an aggressive sport and it is not for everyone and I do not think it is appropriate to write a review on a business when it seems like the opinion is coming from someone that has an issue with one person. I can honestly say without the caring and support of Ms. Marion and Mr. Tyler in particular, my older son who has ADHD would not be thriving and almost a black belt.

Jennifer Elliott
martial arts reviews

This is an amazing dojo and an amazing family. It is “a safe zone” – not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We all support and encourage one-another even though we are at different points on our path. It takes discipline, practice and hard work to push yourself beyond your boundaries and to grow if you want to accomplish anything — as a martial artist, as a musician, as a student, as anything. In the time that I’ve been there it hasn’t been easy, but the results have been worth it — I’m accomplishing things that I never knew I was capable of. This has given me inspiration and drive I’ve never had, and is changing my life in ways that I cannot describe. With regards to the person who bashed this dojo, part of her review says: “he told me what was going on there” [he being the son]. This review is coming from a woman who, sadly, takes the word of everything her kid says rather than investing in her kid enough to view the classes herself. Moreover, since our training is done on an indoor yoga-matted area, her claims of how Master Lee “takes them outside in a 100 degree weather to do exercise if they don’t obey what he says”, to my knowledge, is not true – I have never seen or heard of any type of training or disciplinary measure being conducted outdoors, irrespective of the weather forecast. Finally, she says “he started complaining that Master Lee and Mrs Marion pulls the kids hair, hit the kids without leaving marks to discipline the kids.” While much of Tae Kwon Do is certainly a contact sport, the instructors are meticulous about matching up each student with another student who matches in their strength/stature, and if they themselves are working with a student one-on-one, never uses brute force beyond what’s reasonable for that student’s height, strength, weight and age. We don’t hit each other during practice (student-to-student OR instructor-to-student) — we either practice hitting Addidas pads, or we use sparring gear if we’re sparring. Even though I can’t do anything about people who don’t have room for self-discipline and perseverance in their lives, I can [and am] testifying about how much this dojo has done for me. She says “please research before having your kids there”, so indeed, please come on out and see us some time to see what we’re all about! 🙂

Priya Mahalanobis

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